About Us


We started MaskCulture to create a solution!

 Founded on the philanthropic spirit to do our part in the community. The objective was to create a solution to bring masks to the people that need it the most, a socially conscious business.

We knew we couldn't do it alone, so we designed a business on the premise of uniting others looking to do the same.

The Problem:

 Frontline workers across healthcare, restaurants, and essential businesses are at risk as they support our communities. In all industries, it has been almost impossible to find masks that are available for purchase or distribution. In some areas, it is mandated by the government to have a face-covering to go to work. The problem is large, and growing.

Currently, millions of people are in need of masks to simply perform daily essential needs.

The Solution:

MaskCulture ensures that with every mask purchased, masks are being distributed to those at the frontlines of our communities. 

How you can make a difference:

Buy a mask for you or a person in-need (or both!) and we will do our part in supporting the community. 


Make a purchase, make a difference today.

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